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Our range of Epson dot matrix printers are designed to provide sharper text production. Available in 9-pin and 24-pin configurations, with one year warranty with best price in sri lanka.

Epson LQ 2090ii Dot Matrix Printer

Price: Rs.252,000.00

Epson LQ 310 Dot Matrix Printer

Price Rs.73,000.00
Sold out

Epson LQ 350 Dot Matrix Printer

Price Rs.165,000.00
Sold out

Epson LQ-2190 Dot Matrix Printer

Price: Rs.259,000.00

Epson LQ-590 Dot Matrix Printer


Epson PLQ 35 Dot Matrix Passbook Printer

Price Rs.170,500.00

Epson TM-U220D Dot Matrix Pos Printer

Price: Rs.78,500.00