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Computer Paper 9.5×11 Computer Form- 1ply 2ply 3ply 4ply 5ply

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  • Item Type:Computer Form
    Paper Size:9.5x11" (A4 Size)
    Sheets Quantity:1ply-1000Sheets | 2ply-1000Sheets | 3ply -500Sheets | 4ply - 500Sheets | 5ply -500Sheets
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Computer Paper 9.5×11 Computer Form

High-Quality Dust-Free Computer Form With Optimal Thickness Designed For Printers From Major Brands, Ensuring Smooth Printing Of Your Documents And Prolonging Machine Life. Commonly Used To Print Invoices, Delivery Orders and Purchase Orders

  • Micro perforation for easy peeling
  • Clean cut side holes
  • Low paper dust
  • No jamming, very precise hole punching
  • No break in pack
  • Dust / dirt removed for cleaner printer & office environment
  • Neat & clean crimping

Computer continuous form paper which consists of a single sheet or number of fan paper, normally perforated at regular intervals so that sheets can be easily separated. Most continuous-form paper has holes punched along each side so that the paper can be pulled through the dot matrix printer by a tractor-feed mechanism.

Continuous form paper is paper which is designed for use with dot-matrix printers and line printers. Other names for continuous stationery include fan-fold paper, sprocket feed paper, burst paper, tractor-feed paper, and pin feed paper. It can be single ply (usually woodfree uncoated paper) or multi ply (either with carbon paper between the paper layers, or multiple layers of carbonless copy paper).

Computer form Paper delivers high performance to meet your demanding business needs. It features 1/2″ margin perforations on each side and also between each sheet. This computer continuous-form paper is ideal for computerized reports, forms, letters and other office applications. It becomes 9 1/2″ x 11″ in sheet size when you remove the perforations. This fine quality paper comes in plain white. It is also packed in a two-piece, telescoping carton that you can reuse over again for other purposes.

Computer Paper 9.5×11 Computer Form


Carbonless form printing plays a vital role in business. Almost every transaction involves the use of forms. Manufacturing or insurance companies record invoices, receipts, and inventory logs. Carbonless or no carbon required (NCR) forms lessen the hassle of filling out several copies of a document every time.

Each set provides several copies of one form. Pressure applied with a pen on the first sheet copies the markings onto the paper underneath. This removes the need to use carbon copy paper, enabling more time-efficient transactions.

Aside from saving you time, carbonless forms prevent alterations to a finished copy, helping you keep your documentation organized and secure. Carbonless forms also serve as tangible records for your customers, adding professionalism and credibility to your business. Carbonless forms help make transactions easier and hassle-free, whatever industry you’re you’re in.


Product details of Carbonless Continuous Form Computer Continous Paper (9.5″ x 11″) for Dot Matrix Printers

  • Blank Continuous Computer Paper
  • Carbonless WHITE or COLORED copies (No need use of carbon paper)
  • 9 1/2″ Width (including engagement holes)
  • 5 1/2″ Length
  • 70gsm paper weight
  • 1000 Sets of 2-Part, 9.5″ x 5.5″Forms
  • Standard Perforations
  • 1/2-Inch margin perforations and becomes 8 1/2-Inch x 5 1/2-Inch once perforations are removed
  • for use in tractor-fed dot matrix impact printers
  • provides quality results you can rely on
  • uncoated surface and resistance to breaking for uninterrupted printing


Epson LQ 310 Dot Matrix Printer


1ply, 2ply, 3ply, 4ply, 5ply

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