How To Choose The Best Printer For You


How To Choose The Best Printer For You ! Inkjet printers spray tiny droplets of liquid ink onto a page. There are several types of inkjet delivery systems, but most consumer systems use separate ink cartridges, each fitted with a print head that separates the ink into the nearly microscopic droplets. (Professional-level inkjets will usually have separate print heads that can be replaced on their own.) Colors are created by combining different colored ink


These devices use lasers to create static electricity on a rolling drum inside the printer. The static electricity attracts toner (ink in the form of powder), which is melted onto the paper

So which should I buy?

There are several other factors that you should consider before purchasing a new printer. Here are some questions to ask yourself while deciding what to buy.

How To Choose The Best Printer For You
How To Choose The Best Printer For You

What am I using it for?

One way to decide whether to buy a laser or an inkjet printer is to look into what you want to do with it. If color is not important to you, then it’s a no-brainer — a laser printer will be more cost-efficient and faster. But if you want to print out your kids’ computer artwork in color, or print the occasional photograph, then you’re probably in the market for an inkjet.

Additional thinks to consider

Input and output trays


Price per page

Wireless connectivity

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