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Having the right copier in your office can greatly benefit your business. It can help increase employee productivity and improve the efficiency of your company’s day-to-day operations.  These things can positively impact your revenues.

So, how do you pick the right copier for your company? Below is a guide to help you determine the kind of copy machine that’s best for your company.

Determine the purpose of your copier. What do you need the machine to do? Nowadays, copiers do more than just make copies; they are also capable of printing, scanning and even faxing. If your day-to-day operations involve these tasks, buying a multifunction copier may be a smart choice.

Also, find out what types of materials are usually copied or printed in your office. This information can help you decide whether you should get a monochrome (black and white) or a coloured copier. Are you going to use the copier for full-coloured images and/or marketing collaterals? If you are, then look for a model with graphic capabilities.

Know your requirement in terms of the copier’s speed. A copier that couldn’t keep up with your company’s print volume can hamper your operations. So, make sure you take into consideration your print volume and the speed of the copier, measured in pages per minute (ppm) or copies per minute (CPM), before you purchase one. Currently, the speed of copy machines in the market ranges from 25 ppm to 65 ppm. Pick a copier with a high ppm if your company’s print volume is high. Additionally, high-end copy machines can handle large print volumes better than lower-end types.

Consider the size and type of paper you regularly use. If most of your print requirements involve small, standard paper sizes, then basic copy machines can do the job. For printing using large sheets of paper, special types of copy machines may be needed such as some Canon copiers like the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330I.

Pinpoint advanced features or additional accessories you want your machine to have. Some copy machines have finishing options like stapling, folding and hole punching. Others have wireless connectivity and data encryption capability features. For some, these extra features or accessories fall on the “nice to have” category but aren’t really essential for them. However, if you have extra cash to spare, investing on a copy machine with these features, especially wireless connectivity and data encryption capability, can make things more convenient and secure in your office.

Think about your office space. Certain copy machines are bulky, which can be a problem if you do not have extra space in your office. You might end up placing it in a spot which isn’t easily accessible to your employees. So, before choosing a large copier, make sure that there’s a good place for it in your office.

Factor in other copier-related costs. Apart from the money you are going to spend for the purchase of the equipment, also take into consideration other expenses such as supply cost (for toner and the like) and maintenance fees. Inquire about the prices of these supplies. Also, discuss the service agreement with your copier dealer. Ask about pertinent information such as what the inclusions are and the fees involved for the service maintenance of your copier.

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