LQ 310 Compatible Ribbon Cartridge

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  • Model:LQ-310 Ribbon
    Product Code:S015639
    Ribbon Length:10 Meters/ 32.8 Feet
    Compatible Printers:LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer
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LQ 310 Compatible Ribbon Cartridge

  • Epson ink ribbon for sharp results
  • Printing is efficient and clear
  • Ink is engineered not to blot
  • Designed for quick and easy installation into your printer





Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of Epson’s fast, high-performance impact printers, genuine Epson ribbons deliver consistently crisp, black output; time and time again. Long-lasting and easy to install, Epson ribbons provide longer life and better character definition


Replacing the ribbon cartridge

Follow these steps to install or replace the ribbon cartridge:
Make sure the printer is turned off.
Open the printer cover to the upright position, then pull it up to remove it.
If you have just used the printer, the print head may be hot; let it cool for a few minutes before replacing the ribbon cartridge.
Remove the tension unit by squeezing the tension unit’s lock tabs gently and pulling the tension unit away from the printer.
Make sure that the print head is in the middle of the printer.
If it is not, turn on the printer and then turn off again. Then remove the ribbon cartridge from the printer.
Remove the new ribbon cartridge from its package.
Turn the ribbon-tightening knob in the direction of the arrow to remove any slack from the ribbon so it is easier to install.
Insert the ribbon cartridge into the printer as shown; then press both sides of the cartridge firmly to fit the plastic hooks into the printer slots.
Do not touch the white cable inside the printer.
Use a pointed object, such as a ball point pen, to guide the ribbon between the print head and ribbon guide.
Turn the ribbon-tightening knob in the direction of the arrow to help feed the ribbon into place; it should not be twisted or creased.
Reinstall the paper tension unit.
Reinstall and close the printer cover.
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